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Some notes of caution while in the mountains.

For safety, remember, this is not a city park. There are animals and other fauna including deer, bear, raccoons, rattlesnakes and even a mountain lion or two. So make a little noise when you walk in the woods and watch where you step, also where you PARK.  There are certain times of the year when the squirrels harvest the green pine cones and they can HURT you or your car!

By keeping your eyes open you'll see the deer as it lopes away to safety.

Always hike with a partner and let someone know where you are going and when you can be expected back.

Rescue is no way to meet our very well-trained Sheriffs Department Search and Rescue unit.

Be extra careful with fire.

Fires can travel extremely fast in the forest endangering people, buildings, and wildlife. The forest will become less appealing if a fire starts.  The Resort has a fire pit and campfires are permitted in that area ONLY.  Be sure and have a bucket of water to put the fire "dead out!"  We like our treed area and want to keep it green!

Swimming & Water

Be safe. Never swim alone.

Be extra careful of children and adults of all ages near any river, lake, or the swimming pool. The river can be very high and even a strong swimmer is not safe because of the cold, the rocks, and turbulence that exists much of the year.

Emergency services such as Ambulance service and Hospitals are 30 miles away - Prompt Care at Indian Rock on Mono Way in East Sonora is the nearest walk-in clinic.

Children (14 & under) cannot be in the swimming pool area at anytime without a responsible family-designated adult.

There is no lifeguard on duty at the Rivers Resort, so swim at your own risk. Life vests or other floatation aids can save a child's life anywhere, so use them and be smart and safe around the water.

Increased UV at High Altitude

Be aware that the high altitude can be both clear and pristine, and that same beauty can cause you to sunburn severely. Even if you have a great tan, the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun at our altitude can burn you at a deeper layer, so use sunscreen that provides UV protection.

The same is true for your eyes. Use good quality sunglasses that protect from UV rays.  A little extra precaution, especially in winter, can prevent emergencies.


Many parts of the Sierra Nevada of California are sparsely populated and there are very few places outside of the towns and villages where telephones are available. The mountains block most cell phone signals so don't depend on them. Pagers may also be unreliable (of course if you use satellite pagers or cell phones they should work.)

Mountain trails can change from year-to-year and what was once a wide and gradual trail, may have been changed by storms, so be cautious at all times when walking in the woods.

Note on High Elevation

Remember, our elevation is a mile high.
The high altitude can be very stressful on the body, so rest often, drink lots of water, and take it easy for 2 or 3 days to adapt and acclimatize before you go all out for a full day.

Moutain Thunderstorms

Afternoon thunderstorms can bring lightning, rain and hail. It is best to be safe when you see thunder heads beginning to develop in the area. Get down from high terrain early. Before lightning strikes in the area, set down any metal you are carrying and find safety in low areas quickly. Do not take cover under tall trees since they attract lightning and you may be struck as the lightning follows the tree to the ground with explosive force.

A single lightning bolt can contain enough energy to power all of San Francisco for several seconds. So be safe and find shelter well before the "dance in the sky" begins.


Skiing and Boarding are wonderful in the area. A lift on the back side of the mountain includes basic as well as more advanced terrain and has enhanced Dodge Ridge Ski area.

The most important things to remember about any skiing or boarding is to always be in control and stay inbounds.

Safety first prevents injuries to you or others.
Ski alert. Stay within the marked boundaries of the ski area.
When you get tired, take a rest. The mid-mountain lodge allows you to have a bite to eat, rest and be ready to go again.

Always be careful and let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

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